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When my daughter announced her engagement, we only had about 6 months to plan her wedding and reception. With roughly 400 guests expected, we were quickly becoming overwhelmed with all the planning... Phyllis took the time to listen to my daughter's idea for her wedding bouquet, and incorporated my mothers rosary and handkerchief. When Phyllis presented that bouquet to my daughter and myself it had brought us to was not only precious, but also elegant. They took so much stress away from us by being in charge on the day of the wedding. We were free to enjoy ourselves while Phyllis & Shari took care of every detail... keeping everyone calm and happy. I would never attempt to orchestrate a wedding and reception of that scale without the help of Event Montage. 

Judy P. February 2016

Event Montage did an amazing job for my daughter's wedding. They assisted through every step of the wedding planning process. Event Montage was actively involved the entire day of the wedding until we left at the end of the reception.

Bev S. October 2017

I was not able to view my reception hall until 3 days before my wedding. I trusted Event Montage completely & it turned out better than I could have imagined. They were able to deal with everything, so that I was able to just live in the moment. I couldn't have picked a better  team from the event planning to my décor to flowers, every thing was perfect.

Natalie F. June 2017

Fabulous & amazing are just two of the words I would use to describe my experience when working with Phyllis & Shari. Event Montage took the stress out my wedding and reception. They took my entire vision for my wedding and just made it happen. In a heart beat I would work with Event Montage again, because of their ability at organization not only from the decorations but by the ease they made it for me on my wedding day.

Sara C. April 2016

I never thought there would be anything more to a birthday party besides the food, cake and games until you took Aria's first birthday to great heights which was unforgettable. With Event Montage's amazing organizational skills and service, I did not have a need to stress at all. The event was beautifully organized for over 200 people, making it so much fun and unique that my friends continue talk about how perfect that day had been.  The impression Event Montage left on everyone is long-lasting.

Prachi D. January 2017
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